Logo Design

Fire Bar & Grill, Tampa, FL

A new dining experience in South Tampa. It began with a vision of renovating a building on Tampa's most traveled street, Kennedy boulevard. This vision culminated into a one-of-a-kind remodel utilizing artwork, steel fabrication, and a center bar.

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Plant High School

Football Society, Tampa, FL

The Plant High School Panther football team adopted the Society of PSYCHOS, who exemplify the characteristics of young men that are Proud, Scholastic, Yearning, Charitable, Heroic, Obliterate opposition, and are Strong role models in the community.

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A.I.M. Trainer

An Innovation in Therapy

Fueled by a desire to create, a local medical engineer and entrepreneur developed a machine to rehabilitate patients with hip and shoulder injuries. This logo will help brand the product and identify the physical health benefits achieved by its use.

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